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By directly accessing biomarkers in the skin, Microwearable™ devices enable instant diagnosis and monitoring of a range of disorders in a simple, painless wearable format whilst continuously sharing the results to the user, health professionals and others

Blood-Derived Data


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Low Cost
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Quality and quantity

Real-life, real-time data


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Costs approx. 1/10th of blood-based assay

Greater productivity - better utilisation of staff and resources

Reduced burden on healthcare systems 

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Applied rapidly

Minimal waiting time -results within minutes (locally and remotely)

Radically changing healthcare management

We are prioritising these healthcare challenges

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Cardiovascular Disease

 Cardiovascular disease is the biggest cause of death in the world. Elevated troponin levels are key to the diagnosis of myocardial infarction. Continued monitoring of relevant biomarkers of heart failure by wearable devices can permit appropriate early medical intervention and ongoing management saving lives and money

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Clinical Trials

Cardiotoxicity may be a major side effect in patients receiving chemotherapies and immunotherapies. Delays in clinical trials can cost millions of dollar per day. Non invasive wearable devices can increase clinical trial effectiveness

Worker Health &


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Dehydration affects physical and cognitive capability leading to risk of injury, death, lost productivity, higher business costs and risk of legislative non compliance. 


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Aged Care

20-50% of long-term care residents are chronically dehydrated which significantly increases the likelihood of falls, injuries, delirium, cardiac events and renal failure.  Simple, non invasive hydration monitoring enables preventative treatment resulting in improved care, higher staffing productivity, better risk management and reassurance of carers and comforters


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Aggregation of anonymised health data linking disease patterns with real time biomarker evidence enables population health policy design and insights into new interventions.  

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Remote Healthcare

The medical community is well aware of the inability of our current models of care based on bedside interactions and in-hospital interventions to scale with increasing populations and the need to deliver healthcare to remote and rural locations. Healthcare-in-the-home and telemedicine are welcome technological answers to this problem. MicrowearableTM devices are, at their core, Internet-of-Things (IoT) medical devices and can seamlessly integrate into these evolving models of care.

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