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About Us

Our Vision

To provide affordable, wearable technology that allows people to read their health signals in real time 

Our Mission

Our wearable technology will:

Save lives and help prevent disease

Deliver faster, more effective treatment of health conditions

Give caregivers a deeper understanding of our body’s signals so they can prevent disease


Drawing upon our team's experience of over 20 years of developing minimally invasive, functional skin based medical devices, WearOptimo is working on next generation wearable devices for continuous monitoring in precision health.

Established in 2018 by Professor Mark Kendall, WearOptimo has already achived impressive milestones:

filed strong patent suite

awarded two grants from the Australian Government (>$1.8m) under the MTP Connect Biomedical Technology Horizons Grants program

opened our Brisbane offices and laboratory supported by the  Queensland Government

established a world leading interdisciplinary team from the world's top universities including the Australian National University, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge

successful validation of core Microwearable technology

operational prototype of Microwearable device


Our Team

Our high-performance, interdisciplinary team comes from around the world, with expertise in technology, science and commercial backgrounds. We are united in our passion and commitment to help tackle important healthcare challenges with practical solutions.

Our Support


The Australian National University is one of the world's leading universities with a focus on excellence in research and education.

ANU is a foundation supporter of WearOptimo - providing financial support and institutional strength.

The WearOptimo - ANU partnership is a ground-breaking initiative to commercialise Australian intellectual property and ultimately build a national asset of which all Australians will be proud.

Our Place

WearOptimo's premises is in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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